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Thee CyberLoveDoll:


Baywatch, Amber and Gunsmoke Paige Are the same body.
The head slips over the neck so the head can turn.


CyberLoveDoll Baywatch

sexdoll baywatch


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CyberLoveDoll Amber

sexdoll amber


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CyberLoveDoll Gunsmoke Paige

lovedoll paige

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Here are the Doll Specifications:

Doll Figure is 33"-22"-33"
Her Height is 150.86 cm or USA 4'11"
Her Breasts is 83.82 cm or Double D 33"
Her waist is 55.88 cm or USA 22"
Her Anal depth is 17.78 cm or USA 7"
Her Vaginal depth is 20.32 cm or USA 8"
Her Weight is 11.34 kg or USA 25 Lbs


To Have your Doll shipped to you, she is Only $1200.00 + $60.00 Shipping & Handling !!!